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an?an Pharmaceutical Co., Limited (China) is previously the Eighth Route Army Pharmacy factory which used to make great contributions to the Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation. After the People?s Republic of China was built,Website:http://www.yan-anpharm.com, it was recovered to Yan?an Pharmacy Factory, and it was remodeled as Yan?an Changtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 1998. In order to inherit the revolutionary spirit, we have established the new image of the traditional Chinese medicine enterprise in northern Shaanxi, and it was restructured as Yan?an Pharmaceutical Co., Limited in 2016. The enterprise is a modern traditional Chinese hi-tech corporate, with an annual production capacity of 250 million yuan. The enterprise covering an area of 262 mu, with 536 staff and 180 million yuan total assets. The enterprise focuses on production research and development as well as scientific and technological innovation, establishes the long term collaboration with colleges and scientific and research departments to develop the product. At present, the enterprise owns 10 types of and more than 60 Chinese proprietary medicine products, more than 50 plant extracts products, more than 180 traditional Chinese medicine products, with the most advanced pharmaceuticals, health care products and plant extract product lines in China as well as Chinese largest wild jujube planting base as well, their products are popular in North America, Europe, Asia these international market and are famous in the world by their good materials and super quality and competitive prices. In the new historical period, Yan?an pharmacy technicians inherit and develop the Yan?an Spirit, manufacture good medicines with Yan?an Spirit, making positive contributions to human health.
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plant extract;herbal medicine;Pepper Extract;Moringa extract;Blueberry extract;Triptolide;Aloe Extract;Spirulina Powder;Harmaline;Gentiopicroside;Ophiopogonin;Cat's claw extract;Java Tea Extract;Cranberry Extract;Digitonin;Pubescent Holly Root extract;Rose Eggplant Extract;Moutan bark extract;Rosemary Extract;Natokinase;Ashwagandha Extract;Cistanche Extract;Cinnamon extract;Turkesterone;Melatonin;Chinese Dodder Seed Extract;Coriolus Mushroom Extract;Milk Thistle Extract;Huperzine;Leptochloa extract;Ipecac Root Extract;Taxus chinensis extract;Astaxanthin;Cordyceps Extract;Pyrethrum Extract;Bupleurum extract;Dichroa root extract;Fritillariae Cirrhosae Extract;Szechwan Lovage Rhizome Extract;Vinpocetine;Dyers woad leaf Extract;Cyanidin-3-glucosides (C3G);Resveratrol;Lupeol;Muscone;Belladonna Extract ;Clove extract;Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables;Solanesol;Shitake Mushroom extract;ganoderma lucidum extract
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